Flexline Premium

La serie de equipos de montaje Flexlinepremium ofrece una optima relación
rendimiento / precio demostrado por su alta flexibiliad y calidad.

En combinación se puede llegar a velocidades de hasta:
· 43.500 cph por centrado láser (optimo)
· 35.000 cph por centrado laser (IPC 9850)
· 9.660 cph centrado por visión con MNVC (opcional)


Laser Centering

The LNC60 laser has the unique ability to centre components from 01005 to 33.5 square parts. From ultra-small, ultra-thin, chip-shaped parts to small QFPs, CSPs, BGAs, a wide range of parts can be mounted by the laser recognition system at high-speed and with high-accuracy.

Vision Centering

Centering method can be selected based on component type, shape, size and mterial. Laser centering is used for high speed placement of smaller components. Vision is used when lead or ball inspection is needed or when the component is too large for the laser. Many nozzles are available for odd-shaped components providing unsurpassed component handling.