Flux Gels

Flux gels are often used for repair work on assembled circuit boards. In the past, fluxes for hand and repair soldering often contained other activators traditionally used for series production. We developed new flux gels based on standardized activators found in existing electronic fluxes. We are therefore the only manufacturer to offer products ( from flux concentrate to finished flux to flux gel) based on uniform activators.

Each gel has a high concentration and offers high activity as well as good wetting and spreading properties. Due to these properties the gel paste should be applied sparingly. It is applied from a dosing syringe with a teflon needle. This enables an exact application or positioning of the flux. Contaminated pads and component pins are also activated by the gel. No crystals are formed and the solder pastes remain homogeneous and stable. After soldering, the gels do not leave any sticky residues.

The flux gels are excellent if the customer requires the same flux activator for different processes.
In this case the customer can rely on one supplier. Uniform activators avoid cross-reactions that can occur when using different activators from different manufacturers.


Product Compatible with flux
Flux Gel EO-FG-001
Flux Gel EO-FG-002
Flux Gel EO-FG-003
Flux Gel EO-FG-005
Flux-Gel EO-B-001 EO-B-001 A–C
Flux-Gel EO-B-002 EO-B-002 A–C
Flux-Gel EO-B-006 EO-B-006 A–C
Flux-Gel EO-B-007 EO-B-007 A–C
Flux-Gel EO-B-008 EO-B-008
Flux-Gel EO-B-009 EO-B-009 A–C